We are aware that a correct roof installation is very important to prevent any water leak that can cause damages to your property. Our crews are specialists on roofing shingles and we use top roofing supplies on the market. We always install new lead/cooper flashing around chimneys because this is one of the most critical leak points. Also, we always try to install ridge vent membranes instead of roofing vents; this way we eliminate them and close openings to prevent water leak hazards.


Along with roofing installation, we also do chimney repairs by re-pointing the brick’s joint and replacing some bricks, or tearing down and building a new chimney if necessary.  Skylights are a good idea to add in your roof, because it gives more light to the attic or upper dwelling, we replace skylights or we install new ones by making a roof opening and corresponding interior finish if needed.


Most multifamily buildings have flat or very low pitch roofs as there are single-family houses with some flat areas; on these cases, we have to install rubber roofing that requires different skills than traditional roofing shingles; our workers are also specialists installing rubber applications, using only top materials.