Katherine Home Improvement is a unique family owned company with more than 10 years of service. Our success is built through team effort and best craftsmanship. Our mission is to provide our best services for any home improvement always bringing high quality of work and top materials on the market according to our clients’ needs and budget. Our crews are well-trained and full-time tradesmen that have more than 10 years of experience working together. We are proud of the work we provide which improves and adds value to your home but most importantly satisfy our customers’ needs.  Katherine Home Improvement is a licensed and insured company that had served and worked throughout New England with recognized companies for several years; now, we want to bring all these priceless experience in benefit to our customers.

Our vision is to make affordable to our community top quality services for the upcoming years.



We specialize in a broad range of exterior property applications: Residential and Commercial. We install most types of siding and roofing systems. We also rebuild decks, porches, and build all type of exterior additions. Finally, we install gutters, finished trim, windows and doors.

We make sure we deliver the best services that meet our clients’ needs. This is why we provide affordable quality solutions, customized to each of our customers’ desires and budget.


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Joaquin Allaico


President and founder of Katherine Home Improvement, Joaquin has more than 15 years of construction industry experience.
Joaquin has primary responsibility for the operation of the Company, as well as executive oversight on client projects and relationships.

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Luis Allaico

Project Manager

Luis is an important assest to our company’s success and why we are who we are, Luis has excelled in a variety of roles including estimating, project management and field operations.  His Primary role is to make sure our clients get the best costumer satisfaction, and build a great relationship with them along the way.

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Manuel Arribasplata

Office Administrator

Manuel’s expertise in management, treasury, accounting and legal is integral to the success of Katherine Home Improvement.  With more than 10 years of construction experience, Manuel is responsible for strategic financial planning, cash management, and financial, legal and insurance relationships.